Work with a partner you trust to meet all your veterinary needs

Whether in practice or on a farm call, we’ll provide you with unbiased expertise, a broad range of products and cutting-edge innovation so that you can care for the diverse range of animals and pets in your community. Customer service is in our roots. Our dedicated people are committed to working hard for you where and when you need us. Trust our tenured territory representatives to exceeding your expectations.

The importance of an indispensable partner

For over 18 years, Douglas Groth, DVM, has counted on Animal Health International to strengthen his business. Watch the video to hear Dr. Groth's perspective on the value of Animal Health International to Carthage Veterinary Service.
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Get the right product out the door, billed right, delivered correctly and on time

We provide the largest breadth of products in the industry, from vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and state-of-art software to office products and work apparel.  

We deliver and bill the right products to the right place at the right time so you can do your best work.  

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Large animal veterinarians: Get your prescriptions filled when you need them

Reduce the resources required to manage your client’s prescriptions

We’ve developed our prescription service program to alleviate the hassle of prescription ordering, tracking, reporting, dispensing, monitoring and billing, so that you can focus on your client’s animal health. 

  • We have an extensive inventory of prescriptions products available when you need them. 
  • We send monthly notifications of expiring scripts, so that you can renew as needed. 
  • We save you time by providing our Vet Prescription Template tailored by species. 
  • We take your verbal authorizations over the phone when you’re on the go. 
  • We track most prescription by lot number, so if there’s an adverse reaction or drug recall, we can notify you. 

Find out how you can start benefiting pharmacy services offerings today. 

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We meet state and FDA rules and regulations

  • Our licensed pharmacists provide accurate dispensing and manage required prescription record keeping. 
  • We set the bar for monitoring Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) products by continually tracking manufacturers’ legend status and FDA regulations. 
  • We allow you to track your client’s prescription usage based on your state’s reporting requirements. 



Streamline your inventory management and simplify your business processes

Our progressive inventory management system saves you time and reduces loss, keeping critical-use, high-value products secure and in stock

Combining PICs and StockVUE’s precise, weight-based bin and shelf structure, we’ve created a system that will help you reduce inventory loss, waste and theft while keeping critical items in stock.