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      High-grade biology for optimal nutrition

      Enhance your feed quality

      Animal Health International is passionate about serving our customers. Working with industry experts, we’ve gained extensive experience using inoculants to help producers overcome a range of silage and high moisture shelled corn (HMSC) challenges during and after harvest. Our products and services make it easier to maximize yield, maintain nutritional quality within feed and minimize spoilage.

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      Inoculant products

      Inoculants drive a faster pH drop, which drives better fermentation of the forage. This enhances silage quality, providing more usable nutrients for the animal.

      We provide customers with the microbial-based inoculants they need from quality manufacturers. These products reflect our extensive crop experience, deep industry relationships and knowledge of animal feed technologies.

      silage being harvested


      Choose from a range of high-quality, conventional inoculant solutions that work for your crop and environmental conditions.
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      organic silage


      Turn to organic inoculant solutions that let you maintain standards you’ve set for the animals in your herd.
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      Conventional hay preservatives

      Bale at higher moisture levels, minimize spoilage losses.
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      Answers to your questions about inoculants

      Learn about inoculant options, seasonal silage development techniques, equipment maintenance, and more. Our informative videos and sales reps are available 24x7, anytime you have questions.

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      Platinum applicator overview and blower maintenance

      Learn about our platinum series hay applicator and understand how to maintain the machine’s blower.

      Platinum applicator auger maintenance

      Learn how to maintain the auger of our platinum series hay applicator.


      Our service and support

      In addition to providing well-researched, quality inoculants we also provide experienced customer support that’s located throughout the country. We can help you choose the right inoculant strategy for your operation including your geography, crop type, season or in response to other needs of your operation.

      Applicator repair/ maintenance

      Safety training

      Pre-harvest preparation

      Optimal kernel processing

      Silage pile construction and packing

      Inoculant selection for crop moisture levels

      Lab access for VFA, yeast and mold profiles

      Talk to our inoculant experts

      If you have a question about inoculants, reach out to us. One of the benefits of working with Animal Health International is that our sales teams are industry experts with experience solving a range of issues. We will quickly respond to your inquiry and help you find a solution to your problem.

      Territory map of AHI inoculant representatives