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      At Animal Health International, we have decades of industry experience and connections to both local and national experts. Look to us for information on animal health products and trends, best practices and more.

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      Animal Health International’s Training Library

      Animal Health International has partnered with ACT Online Training and Patterson Veterinary University to launch the Animal Health International Training Library. Subscriptions are available for clinical, professional development and management course packages. Each includes 10 user seats, an administrative account, reporting and analytics tracking, and access to new courses when they become available.  
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      OTC to Rx Resource Center

      Find pertinent information for businesses that are affected by GFI 263. This guidance mandated the transition of antimicrobial drugs from over the counter (OTC) to prescription (Rx) status as of June 11, 2023.
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      Livestock Insight magazine

      Animal Health International’s flagship publication is produced twice a year. It contains articles by industry experts and information on featured products and services that support animal health.
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