Partner with us to keep your animals healthy

Our unmatched distribution network, expertise and industry-leading customer support can help you ensure your herd grows strong and stays healthy. Our team can advise you on issues including nutrition, operation management and ways to maintain biosecurity and the health of your animals.

Understand new OTC to Rx rules (GFI 263)

Animal antibiotics currently available in retail stores will be transitioning to prescription-only access on June 11, 2023. After the supply at retailers has been depleted, these products will only be available through a licensed veterinarian. We can help you navigate this change. Visit our resource center to learn why it is happening and what you can do to prepare.

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Benefit from our pharmacy services offerings

We have an extensive inventory of prescription products available when you need them.

  • We organize and track your prescription so that your veterinarian knows when they’re about to expire and can renew as needed.
  • We save you time by combining your over-the-counter medication orders with your prescription orders.
  • Our licensed pharmacists ensure all dispensing is accurate, and manage required prescription record keeping, so that your veterinarian can focus on your animal.


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Let us help you lower biosecurity risks

We take biosecurity seriously. As your single-source supplier, we manage orders to minimize property traffic while following your biosecurity protocols.
Our exclusive delivery service provides personalized services to further support your biosecurity requirements. Point–to-point delivery trucks are sanitized according to your biosecurity protocols and used only for deliveries from our warehouse directly to your farm or business.
Contact us for more information on biosecure routes.

The Pharmacy Inventory Control System helps keep you organized

Working with our software development subsidiary, Turnkey, we’re continually finding innovative solutions that will help you meet your bottom line.
Our Pharmacy Inventory Control System (PICS) simplifies inventory management. It offers a flexible and secure platform that’s easy to use and scalable to any size operation.
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