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Our long history as a full-service distributor for the poultry industry means we can help you optimize and grow your business. Our access to in-demand items and reliable customer support helps you get the products you need and find answers as questions arise.

Control darkling beetles

Darkling beetles are one of the most challenging pests to control in your poultry barns. If left unchecked, beetle populations can spread disease and decrease flock productivity, but with the right knowledge and tools, it’s possible to keep these pests in check.
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Pests don’t have to be a problem

We can help you find the best products so that darkling beetles, rodents, flies and other pests don’t impact your daily operation. We work with the top providers of pest management products. Our expert sales staff can help you find solutions that fit your needs.

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Our pharmacy service offerings

We have an extensive inventory of prescription products available when you need them.

  • We organize and track your prescriptions so that your veterinarian knows when they’re about to expire and can reorder as needed.
  • We save you time by combining your over-the-counter medication orders with your prescription orders.
  • Our licensed pharmacists ensure all dispensing is accurate, and managed according to prescription record keeping guidelines, so that your veterinarian can focus on your animal’s welfare.

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Let us help you lower your biosecurity risks

We take biosecurity seriously. As your single-source supplier, we manage transportation with care and are responsive to the specific needs of each customer site. Our exclusive delivery service provides equipment sanitization and protective equipment for all personnel.
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Talk to our poultry experts

If you have a question about your products and services, reach out to us. One of the benefits of working with Animal Health International is that our sales teams are industry experts with experience solving a range of issues. We will quickly respond to your inquiry and help you find a solution to your problem.

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