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We are a full-service distributor committed to helping beef producers increase production and improve efficiencies for more than 50 years. Through our innovative technologies, expert knowledge, expansive product portfolio and fast, customizable delivery options, we help customers manage a sustainable and profitable operation.

Are you ready for spring calving season?

The days after birth can impact a calf’s health and a producer’s productivity over time. Electrolytes, vaccinations, scour prevention and everyday essentials are all important to providing calves with the best start in life. Our checklist can help ensure that you’re ready for calving season. 

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Benefit from our unrivaled expertise

We are tenured, disciplined territory representatives with extensive industry knowledge.

  • Get unbiased, personal guidance on the right products, technologies and services
  • Find help through changing regulations
  • Experience tailored programs to meet your needs
  • Get continuity of care as we work directly with your veterinary teams

Why Terry values his partners at Animal Health International

With over 30 years in the cattle industry, Terry Heinle knows the value of a team that goes above and beyond to strengthen his business at Winner Circle Feed Yard in Hamill, SD. Watch the video to hear Terry's perspective on why Animal Health International is more than just a distributor.

Benefit from our pharmacy services offerings

Our licensed pharmacists work with consulting veterinarians to provide accurate dispensing for dosing and withdrawal times according to worldwide pharmaceutical regulations. Our prescription labels meet all state requirements.

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We are the cattle feeding industry’s premier supplier of feed ingredients and automation technology

Our flexible auger system, bin configurations and custom dispensing allow you to set up the best system to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce waste.
We’ll work with your nutritionist to customize rations based on your cattle’s origin, nutritional requirements and health needs. Your nutritionist controls and adjusts rations to ensure the exact amount of ingredient goes into each ration.
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Software solutions you need from a partner you trust

Working with our software development subsidiary Turnkey, we’re continually finding innovative solutions that will help you meet your bottom line and better manage your business. From ordering and inventory management to financial reporting and feed management, we have software to meet your needs.

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