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Get the swine and poultry products you need to ensure the health of your animals

As your single-source supplier, we assure that your operation remains biosecure with minimal property traffic and strict protocols. Truck orders only once a month to reduce footprint, chance to introduce new diseases, etc.

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Get quality and value with Aspen poultry products

Aspen products are formulated to optimize animal health. We’ve got you covered from your veterinary to production needs. 

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Partner with veterinarians and pharmacists who fully understand your business and its regulations

Our licensed pharmacists provide accurate dispensing for dosing and withdrawal times according to worldwide pharmaceutical regulations. 

Our prescription labels meet requirements in all states. 

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Sick animals?

No worries. We offer time-sensitive delivery of the pharmaceuticals you need to keep your herd healthy. 

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Benefit from our pharmacy services offerings

We have an extensive inventory of prescriptions products available when you need them.

  • We organize and track your prescriptions so that your veterinarian knows when they’re about to expire and can renew as needed.
  • We save you time by combining your over-the-counter medication orders with your prescription orders.
  • Our licensed pharmacists ensure all dispensing is accurate, and manage required prescription record keeping, so that your veterinarian can focus on your animal’s welfare.

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Reduce the risk of novel disease introduction with our Biosecurity Plus Program

Our health matrix assures your deliveries meet your protocols

We take biosecurity seriously. We limit traffic to your site by delivering all the supplies your business needs for both your animals and employees. We train our drivers to sanitizing the exterior of our delivery trucks before coming onto your property and again when leaving. 

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Our exclusive delivery service provides qualified swine producers with personalized services to further support your biosecurity requirements. Point–to-point delivery trucks are sanitized according to your biosecurity protocols and used only for deliveries from our warehouse directly to your farm or business. 


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Our PICS is now geared toward swine market

Working with our software development subsidiary Turnkey, we’re continually finding innovative solutions that will help you meet your bottom line and better manage their processes. 

From ordering and inventory management to managing prescriptions, we have software to meet swine producers’ needs. 

Let’s have a conversation about your software requirements. 

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