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      Dairy Producer Offerings

      The products, service and support you need

      With more than 50 years of dairy industry experience, Animal Health International knows what helps herds thrive. That’s why we offer a wide selection of in-demand animal health products, paired with the industry-leading service and support our customers expect.

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      New OTC to Rx rules in effect

      As a result of GFI 263, new OTC to Rx rules for antibiotics went into effect on June 11. Now animal antibiotics have transitioned to prescription-only status and will be available exclusively through veterinarians once their supply has been depleted at retailers. We can help you navigate this change. Visit our resource center to learn why this change happened and what you can do now that it’s taken effect.

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      Animal Health International’s diagnostic lab offers cutting-edge technology

      Our lab continually evolves to meet the needs of the dairy industry. We offer a full range of diagnostic testing services performed by a dedicated and experienced team.

      We provide mastitis, pregnancy and milk quality testing and will work with your herd veterinarian to help you make informed decisions to improve milk quality and animal health. Our lab has implemented technology such as MALDI-TOF and PCR to provide the most rapid and accurate diagnosis.

      Mastitis and milk quality testing resources

      Benefit from our pharmacy services offerings

      • We offer time-sensitive delivery of the pharmaceuticals you need to keep your herd healthy.
      • We have an extensive inventory of prescription products available when you need them.
      • We organize and track your prescriptions so that your veterinarian knows when they’re about to expire and can renew as needed.
      • We save you time by combining your over-the-counter medication orders with your prescription orders.
      • Our licensed pharmacists ensure all dispensing is accurate, and manage required prescription record keeping, so that your veterinarian can focus on your animal’s welfare.

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      The Pharmacy Inventory Control System helps keep you organized

      Working with Turnkey Computer Systems, we’re continually finding innovative solutions that will help you meet your bottom line and better manage your business. From ordering and inventory management to financial reporting and feed management, we have software to meet your needs.

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