Company Units

Hawaii Mega-Cor was founded in 1977 by Charles Nakamura, Eric Johnson and Carl Izumi. It is a customer-focused company leading the distribution of veterinary healthcare products in the Islands. Utilizing their pharmaceutical industry expertise, concept selling and a thorough understanding of “demand base control”, the founders have positioned the company as a dominant partner for the majority of the Hawaii veterinary community. In October 2006, Hawaii Mega-Cor joined Animal Health International, Inc. and maintains sales relationships with more than 1,200 accounts in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. These partnerships have been cultivated and strengthened in areas that include: the Hawaiian Islands, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Guam. Animal Health International, Inc. is poised and structured to grow. It is our focus to continue to support the Hawaii veterinary community while extending our successes to the retail and international business segments.

Kane Veterinary Supply Logo

Kane Veterinary Supplies was established in 1969 by Dan and Cassy Kane, and is a Canadian wholesale distributor and manufacturer. Kane provides excellence in distribution of the highest quality, cutting edge, value-laden products to the veterinary, pet, agricultural and equine markets across Canada. Today, Kane has two full-service branches – Edmonton, Alberta and Cambridge, Ontario. Day-to-day inventory consists of more than 12,000 items including vet supplies and pharmaceuticals, pet food and toys, animal ID products, and pest control items. In October 2007, Kane Veterinary Supplies Ltd. joined the Animal Health International, Inc. family group of companies. Kane retained its name, management and employees. This opens a new chapter for Kane by offering access to an even wider range of products and services.

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Turnkey Computer Systems, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Animal Health International, Inc. headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. They are the premier provider of accounting and management systems for the commercial cattle feeding industry. Since 2002, Turnkey and Animal Health International have had a unique and strong relationship. Turnkey has provided software development for the animal health and feed management systems of Animal Health International.

The combination of Turnkey’s and Animal Health International’s Information Systems products and services offers the industry the most extensive concentration of expertise, product development, customer service, application support, and research and development.

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